What We Do

Annual Health Check-up.

We conduct health check-up by our experienced doctors at school premises. We also provide the benefit of one-to-one consultation with the doctors and examination report of each and every child after the medical check-up to the school/parents.

  • Health Checkup by Physicians (Pediatrician and other doctors)
  • Complete Health Check-up (Screening, Clinical Examination, ..)
  • Recommends appropriate precautions and interventions to students/parents/teachers.
  • Health checkup camp is conducted at the school premises.
  • Our health checkup is applicable for children Nursery through tenth grade.
  • Examination report for each student handed over to School/Students. Thus parents stay updated with their child's health.
  • We also maintained electronic copy of examination report for every student in our web based health record management software.
  • Since this is school affiliated program, it is made compulsory for all students.

School Health Report.

We provide detailed school health report after health check-up. This report explains the overall school health including list of students suffering different disease or deformity, it also provide list of students found under observations.

  • School BMI Report
  • Detailed report of found disease/abnormality/deformity and more..

Web based Health Record.

Keeping track of important medical records can be difficult; with our SHCamP web based health record software schools/students/parents can store student's health information in one place with 24x7x365 connectivity to their data.

  • We data entry for each students annual health check-up report in this software.
  • School/Parents can also maintain their students/child's health data in this software; they can store and manage students/child's health information (general data, immunization, hospitalization, growth, etc.) in one place online. Records are accessible to the school/parents (students) for 24x7x365 days a year by account id and password provided to them.
  • Keep all of child’s health records in one place that's organized and available to you online.
  • Keep track of all the details like immunizations, allergies, medications, health history, hemoglobin A1C, etc.
  • Create emergency profile; be prepared for an emergency by making your most important health info available for emergency responders.
  • In this software, we have also provided health trackers, health knowledgebase and more.
  • Completely secured web based software.
  • We provide unique username and password to school and students/parents.
  • Keep your information at your fingertips and access it from any Internet connection, using a PC, smartphone, or tablet device.

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